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When things fall apart let us arise with strength and power from the ashes



 The mission of Phoenix Strong's founder [Yasmin West] is to facilitate changes on an individual and  grassroots level through the methods she has personally used with success in her own life.    

 Yasmin comes from a interesting background of left and right brain balance. She holds a business degree with many years of experience in the field of accounting yet from an early age was enthralled by expressing herself creatively through artwork and metaphysical studies. She was blessed to have a mother who allowed her to pursue a form of spirituality free of any formal religious structure thereby allowing her beliefs to grow organically from the experiences that guided her and minimize limiting beliefs. 

Yasmin is effective in developing meditations and intention setting sessions to bring about desired changes using the following three considerations: 

  1. Use of psychology to understand and reverse the subconscious programming which often blocks us from the goals we wish to achieve. 
  2. Setting a clear intention and performing visualization exercises for what we want. 
  3. Taking some form of physical actionable step toward the desired outcome that is in alignment with the creator source energies.  

Yasmin is passionate about sharing intention setting strategies using meditation to achieve effective results in a structured but also playful stress-free manner. Her philosophy is to have fun with this stuff while learning and then take it to a more deep and powerful level once we have mastered the basics. Each person's life is far from perfect and we never seem to get it all done, but we can certainly live a joyful life no matter where we are in our journey.