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When things fall apart let us arise with strength and power from the ashes

Paradise's Aftermath

Over 6 months have past since the deadly Camp Fire raged through the towns of Paradise, Magalia and Concow, California. As I make my familiar trek up along the ridge to once again visit with my mother in Magalia I am filled with humility and respect for the folks who have lost so much but still stand proud and ready to rebuild. There is still so much work to be done, but each day people on the ridge continue to make a little more progress towards their goals. 

The events which took place on November 8th 2018 have forever changed me and I cannot look at my fellow man the same way ever again. Life is so very precious, I understand that now on a level that runs deep into my core. As horrific as the events were, I can see so much beauty and strength which has blossomed as a result. For myself personally, I stand sovereign and powerful in my knowing that I can handle whatever life brings me next. There is an unspoken bond which has developed between all the residents who have returned to the area. I walk into a business and am able to connect with folks on a very authentic level, people look each other in the eye and are present with one another.  

I have very high hopes for the ridge, already groups are banding together to rebuild the town even stronger and better than before. New ideas are being explored which challenge the old paradigms of how the human species is supposed to live. There is much to be optimistic about, people have risen to the challenge of service and so many have answered the call to simply help in any way they can. For myself, Phoenix Strong never would have been born without this experience. I was content in my life of service to self, and not causing any waves from sharing the knowledge I have acquired over the years. However this massive call to action could not be ignored when there was such a dire need and I resigned myself to allow public ridicule provided I could help at least one individual in pain. So here the journey begins, not knowing where it will take me but certainly willing to step up and take the ride.