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The Basics of Cleansing and Blessing

From time to time we all accumulate debris on ourselves and in our spaces that needs to be cleared out. While the importance of physical hygiene is recognized by most, the equal need for energetic clearing is not as well recognized but can have significant impact on our health (particularly our mental health) if we don’t practice self-care in this area as well. Everyone should have a basic cleansing routine for themselves and the spaces they inhabit on a regular basis to keep things and emotions in proper working order. 

I am not in the business of convincing anyone to believe in the unseen aspects of this world, but I will just mention this. Have you ever walked into an environment or spent time with a person and afterward did not feel yourself, perhaps sleepy, tired or in some extreme cases even ill? This often is a result of spending time in a place or with a person that had a lot of stagnant or negative energy. When we spend a lot of time with cranky people and in places where a lot of arguments or negative events have taken place, this energy begins to accumulate on us and impact our moods. There has been significant research made to how our moods can affect our health and our surrounding environment which can be investigated further by looking into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. However I’m assuming since you are at this website you are more interested in the how-to of doing a cleansing. Below are some of my own methods I employ when performing a routine cleanse that you may want to consider when designing your own.

A cleanse of energetic debris can be very simple or very complex. I’ve personally had very many different types performed on me and I also do my own on a regular basis. Generally speaking, the stronger the unwanted energy is, the more effort and techniques you will need to employ to clear it out. A person who routinely clears themselves and their spaces will not have as much build up to eliminate than someone who hasn’t done a clearing for several months or a year. Just like washing our cars and cleaning our floors, clearings need to be done on a regular basis. Also who you hang out with and let into your home will also impact how dirty the energy gets. 


Example of a very simple daily personal cleanse you might want to incorporate into your routine:

· While in the shower and after you have finished physically cleaning yourself, envision the water raining down on you and washing away any debris from all around your body three to five inches away from your skin. You can even rake through the air with your fingers to assist with the visualization. As the water flows down the drain, imagine it carrying all the negative and stagnant energy away from you and grounding into the earth to neutralize. If you do not have a shower, a salt water bath is a very powerful cleanser and one I try to do on at least a monthly basis for a deeper clearing. 

Universal energy abhors a vacuum and so whenever you cleanse yourself or your space, it’s also important to bring in another energy to replace what you cleared out. If this is not done, you will find your cleansings much less effective and will have to perform them more frequently. 

· When bringing in a new energy to cover or seal yourself in, I like to use the assistance of a physical item such as lavender or rosemary oil. Just like people and places, items such as herbs and oils also hold different energetic frequencies. Rosemary is a good all purpose essential oil which can be used with various intentions and has wonderful protective properties. Lavender also has a strong protective energy in addition to bringing about calming and peaceful energies. I will typically rub a few drops of the oil behind my neck, knees or any other area which I feel might need some work visualizing the entire time of getting sealed up and protected from any dirty energies wanting to re-attach to me. 

When performing a cleanse on a property, my go-to item is white sage smudge. Once a month I open all the cabinets, closets, and windows and walk around counter clockwise with my white sage stick and flick the smoke throughout the house with a feather all the while envisioning pushing out and clearing out any stagnation or negativity in the home. When completed, to bring in a better energy and seal up the space, I will burn a white candle with an intention to bring in the energy of whatever I’m desiring at that moment (i.e. peace, harmony, blessings, or prosperity). For those who have fire safety concerns, this could also be done just as easily with an essential oil of your choosing by anointing the doorways into your home.

The key thing to understand when doing cleansings and blessings is that it’s your mind doing most of the work. Herbs, oils and other implements have helpful energies but they are not very powerful if you do not put your intention, visualization and energy into the work as well.  


The Basics of Intention Setting

My personal journey has provided me with incredible opportunities to witness the power of conscious intention setting as a means of making improvements in our lives. For over ten years, I’ve studied energy work via various modalities and spiritual practices but it wasn’t until I became a student of Dr. Joe Dispenza that I realized all of these modalities could be easily explained as a scientific technology we are all capable of utilizing. As Dr. Joe will reiterate in his own words, these techniques are not reserved for those of a certain spiritual background, nationality or secret society. Anyone, and I do mean anyone can begin to incorporate this work into their life but it does take regular practice. 

In the work I have done, I bring in a mix of everything I have learned on my own journey. However, in a typical Dr. Joe Dispenza fashion, I do my best to present this knowledge as a technological tool free of any association to a particular religion or culture.

Understanding the two minds

Before embarking on the actual practice, it’s helpful to understand how our brain is split. Thanks to the study of psychology, just about everyone understands that we have a conscious and a subconscious mind. However many people are not aware of how deeply these minds operate and affect our lives, particularly the subconscious.

The conscious mind is our everyday thinking and analytical mind which we can willingly access at any point. It is our will power, logic, critical thinking and represents 10% of our mind. It is our awareness at the present moment both when we are aware of something on the outside of us as well as some specific mental functions happening inside us.

The subconscious mind is harder to access and often we become aware of such information only when we direct our attention to it. It is tied to our beliefs, emotions, habits, values, protective reactions and represents 90% of our mind. It is a form a memory recall which is created by repetition of countless memories and experiences we have stored throughout our lifetime. For example, we may not be able to remember a particular phone number of someone we dial all the time if someone were to just randomly ask us. However if were we in front of a phone our body would recall the number and automatically know the correct button to push to the phone number without us having to consciously remember the exact numbers. 

When conducting an intention setting session, it is the subconscious mind we want to access. For it is our subconscious which holds the power to make meaningful changes in our lives. This requires changing our brain wave patterns via meditation from our conscious waking state of beta brain waves to the subconscious alpha, theta and delta brain waves. 

Removing Blocks and Reframing our Beliefs

My sessions will include a brief period of discovering what our true underlying blocks are. Sometimes they are easily determined, but often they come from deep inside of us from an event powerful enough to form into a deeply held believe in our lives. 

For example, for many years I had a deeply embedded fear surrounding financial insecurity. This belief was formed early in my childhood by many repetitive things which were told to me by my grandmother, mother and other guardians. There is a lot more to that story but basically it resulted in shaping much of my relationship with money including what I chose to do for a living. Some of these beliefs benefited me in my career, but I also had a lot of unhealthy attitudes surrounding money that eventually caused financial problems for me. I had to really dig deep at that time to finally see how my unconscious insecurities had shaped my life.  

So the first step in any intention process is to identify any blocks or limiting beliefs you may hold that are working against the goals you wish to achieve. Once we identify any blocks, I provide coaching to challenge those beliefs. For example if a stay at home mother has a belief that she cannot find meaningful employment because she spent the last 10 or 12 years raising her children, we challenge that belief by providing examples of other women who destroyed that myth. We are only limited by our beliefs and most of the people in the world who have achieved greatness did not start from a point of advantage. In fact, I personally hold the belief that people who have had to overcome incredibly adversity have a far better chance at achieving greatness.  


Once we understand our blocks and are able to self-correct our thought and perceptions, we are ready to get to work on setting our intentions for what we do want in our lives. 

Setting the Intention

When you set an intention for something you want to bring into your life, it is always done from the positive mindset. What I mean by this is that you are narrowing in your focus on the desired outcome as opposed to the absence of what you do not want. This is very important. Like my money example, you cannot create abundance in your life if you are in a fearful state of lack of money. That energy is the complete opposite of abundance and wealth. 

The next thing to keep in mind is your intention must conjure up an emotional state in your body. This is where meditation helps us to change our brain patterns and enter an emotional state more easily. You need to be able to step into the skin of your future abundant self and feel the exact same emotions you would have if you were abundant in this very moment. It needs to course through your entire body, and not just be a thought in your mind. This is why positive affirmations often have a hit or miss effect. If you lack emotion behind the words you speak, they do not have the same power behind them. 

The final step is what I refer to as “set it and forget it”. Once you have done the work to set your intention, you need to move into a state of knowing. You have to trust the universe has received your request and nothing will stand in the way of your receiving it. When you are first learning how to do this, doubt will naturally come up but you have got to stay strong and sovereign in your knowing. This is the hardest part, but these skills are like a muscle and will develop in time. It helps to start out with some simply goals for which you are not overly attached to the outcome. For example, if finding love is your goal and has been a struggle your entire life don’t start with that. When my husband was first learning this he started with some simple things that could easily be explained by coincidence. One day he really wanted pizza for lunch but didn’t want to pay for it. So he began day dreaming at work about the pizza, how warm and flavorful it would taste in his mouth and how much he would really enjoy eating it. He also didn’t doubt that it would arrive to him as every so often his boss would order out for pizza, so the outcome was possible from a rational perspective. He wasn’t overly attached the outcome either as he had already packed a lunch for himself that he could eat if the pizza never manifested. He was able to successfully manifest his pizza that he didn’t pay for by noon without making any suggestions to his boss or coworkers to order one. 

With time, your intention setting muscle will grow. As more and more things start to go your way as you intended, slowly you will begin to understand they are not simply random coincidences. The more you accept that you are co-creating with source energy, the more limiting beliefs begin to fall away and you are able to bring about other things you might have stronger attachments to. 

I like to work with all sorts of people open to these concepts. It’s an amazing process to see a person develop and see the light bulb finally go off when they see something come into their life that they never dreamed they could bring about. There is an incredibly powerful feeling of gratitude that fills you up once you know without a doubt that the universe loves you so very much and is always on your side bringing you the intentions you put out there even if you are unaware of how it all works. When l looked back on my life after tapping into this knowledge I was able to see how I had played a role in even the less desirable outcomes in my life. 

But the final thing I also want everyone to keep in mind is that often we grow the most in times of distress so it’s always important to look at failures and misfortunes as our greatest teachers as well. I would love for everyone to go out, live life abundantly and tap into their co-creative power – perhaps just starting with a yummy pizza you didn’t have to pay for! 

Mt. Shasta, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA