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Yellowstone Natl Park, WY

2019 Stilldream festival

Saturday, June 22nd from 11am to 12pm I will be conducting an intention setting mediation at the festival. Location of festival will be at the Blue Mountain Event Center 7250 Mitchell Mill Rd, Wilseyville, CA 95257. Tickets to attend the festival can be obtained at 

Free intention setting Meditation in Chico, CA

I will be conducting a free group intention setting meditation at 432 Chico Sound at 1929 Mangrove Ave in Chico, CA on Sunday, July 7th right after the 10:30am weekly sound bath performed by Jesse Spallina. Hope to see you there!

Free intention setting meditations in Paradise, CA

Hosted by the Lotus Guide Center for Healing and Information at 6268 Skyway Blvd. in Paradise, CA. Dates to be determined.